Thursday, September 10, 2009


I love sleep. If I could sleep all day I would. My mind never seems active during the day so it almost seems like a wasted idea. Sadly though, everybody else seems up when the day lights up, so I've also got to make some sort of presence.

Its now 4:24am, glancing at my clock. Before I sat down at this computer I spend 2 hours at the studio for a 10min shoot. Drank two pots of filter coffee, then another cup one my way home when I visited a fellow photographer. I've since spent the whole night trying to remember the English language while correcting other peoples articles. I suck at English, spelling, grammer, the whole lot. A bottle of coke and the Steve Wilko Show is keeping me company.

I've decided to post now since, well, I forgot that I created this blog, second, because I'm procrastinating, and third... I don't have a third reason. I'd like one. But I don't have one.

While procrastinating, in the darkness of night, my mind seems highly active, and I do some of the strangest things, like designing a vending machine.

Sigh. Simple fact, I need sleep, and being a Friday, I don't expect to have any. The corrections I'm doing now I'm sure will be amusingly wrong, but still far better than what I was originally given.

yeah, so check out the second issue of Exhibit when it goes online, and then mock my editing abilities.

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