Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Win a Studio Photoshoot!

Would you like a professional photo-shoot?

I'm offering one lucky person the chance to win a studio shoot. This shoot shall consist of the following:

*An evening shooting in a fully equipped studio.
*A Make-Up Artist to make you look your best.
*A stylist on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.
*The images shall be edited by my favourite photo-editor. (The man who did the post on the above image).

To enter, you need to do a few simple things, firstly you'll have to “like” my facebook page: Frank Moody

Secondly, I shall post three images online in the next few weeks (the link to the images can be found on the FB fan page. Each image shall have a question relating to that particular image.
Each image will have the the following file names : FM COMP 1, FM COMP 2 and FM COMP3.

First person who sends me an e-mail with all the right answers, and who I can find on the FB page shall win.

The winner then shall meet myself and the stylist over a cup of coffee to discuss what we all want from the shoot – so yes, this is basically a customised shoot using your input!

My e-mail is, feel free to e-mail me and ask questions if you need me to clear up anything, but please don't ask me for answers, or beg, or try sell me viagra. That's the same e-mail you should send your answers to.

There will be terms an conditions. There always are of course...
A few of which are: this is only open to CT based souls, or people who have the ability to travel to CT. Copyright shall be held by the photographer. We will sit down to coffee, and not to tea.

Kind regards,

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