Monday, February 21, 2011

Aerial Photography Service

I have some exciting news. Most news is exciting in my mind though, even those depressing tales of things going wrong. I mean, if it wasn't exciting then it wouldn't make TV right? Unless of course you live in New Zealand. Yet again, I'm distracted... what was I saying?

Oh, yes. My news. Some of you might have noticed that the word “pilot” is often used around my name instead of photographer, that's because my first love is indeed flight. In fact, flying is how I got into photography in the first place, as strange as that may seem. So it is with honour and privilege that I get to say this.

I'm offering an Aerial Photographic service once again. Yes, you read right. It is now within my means to offer my clients aerial photography (Thanks to the skills of Grant Duncan-Smith). This is not photographs of aeroplanes, but shooting from aircraft at altitude to get some of the most dramatic views possible of landmarks, structures and real estate.

This service is not just limited to Cape Town, but offered nationwide as well as across our boarders. And we are not offering some low form of elevated photographs, but actual high resolution photography that will make any photo-editor happy.

How does this benefit you?

Well, it will not help with your model portfolio, but with the following there can be no over exaggerating the impact and importance of aerial photography:

Upper Market Real Estate.

Construction Update Photography.

Property Development.

Marine Photography.


Contact me for a cost estimate. If you have not yet used the power of aerial photography for your commercial enterprise, you'll be amazed at the benefits this service will offer you.

076 401 0000 .:.

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