Saturday, February 9, 2013

Behind the Scenes

I don't often show people how I shoot, or even edit. Shooting, mainly because I'm the one with the camera and it's not really exciting for anyone else to shoot me looking stupid.

But, editing, well, because... IT'S A SECRET!

I can't actually show you how I create my style, or you'll steal it from me, and my work will no longer be unique ;)

Today though, I downloaded a screen capture tool, and for the first time ever you'll see exactly what goes on behind the scenes with my post production.

About myself when it comes to Photoshop. I'm self-taught. I've never done a single course, or ever read a full tutorial on the internet (Except for one, about skin smoothing which I got from Robert Miller). I've been using Photoshop since 5.5 (Yes, 5.5, remembering that CS3 is actually version 10).

I have also learnt two things about Photoshop, that I think everyone who uses the program already knows. Firstly, the only way you can learn, is to play. Secondly, there are about 100 different ways to do one thing, and each of us have our own methods to do exactly the same thing.

The image: I started recording the video about 10min after I actually started to edit the photo, so what you do not see it me extending the canvas, then dragging the backgrounds out as a new layer, and using “Warp” and “Transform” tool to line up all the edges.

After the video ends, I spend another say about 30 min finishing it off. You'll see that the final product is rather different from the video's final product. So in a sense, my secrets of editing are still there, secret :P

You might notice I spend a lot of time with the stool. Covering green spots. Well, that was Yoghurt, from one of Cadmus's shoots. I just want him to feel guilty ;)

Please excuse the music... um.. I think that's it. I don't mind answering any questions about this editing process. Oh, and the model happens to be the lovely Countess Havok.

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